Welcome to the Peace Prevails Programme website for head teachers, teachers and any organisation working with young people in the UK and internationally.

We have developed the Peace Prevails Programme to be a ‘whole school programme’, and a complete resource for teachers to deliver as an integral part of their classroom practice.


"Our Vision is for young people to be confident and self-motivated to achieve their highest potential. With these qualities they will choose to contribute towards creating a positive, peaceful future for themselves and their world".

The Peace Prevails Programme

The Programme introduces an experience and understanding of peace into every aspect of a child’s life.

The Programme consists of:

   *  Lesson Plans and Resources for 5 – 7 yrs and 8 – 11 yrs

   *  Curriculum matched Aims, Experiences and Learning Outcomes

   *  Teacher Training: Blended Learning or Face-to-Face

   *  School Licence and ongoing support

   *  Opportunity to network nationally and internationally with participating schools.

If you would like to find out more about the programme, please click here:
  Peace Prevails Programme and FAQ.

For information about the Teacher Training, which is necessary to enable your school to become licensed to deliver it, please click here: Teacher Training

Please get in touch if you feel that your school may benefit from this programme and you would like information on costs.

–– Glenda Thornton, Programme Founder