What is the Peace Prevails Programme?

This programme introduces the ‘experience of peace’ into all aspects of a child’s life which can lead towards and encourage an ‘Ethos of Peace’ in every school that participates.

“The Peace Prevails Programme has influenced the culture of our school and enabled teachers and children to have an experience and a better understanding of ‘peace’ and how to create it in our lives.” Head Teacher


Our Vision is for young people to be confident and self-motivated to achieve their highest potential. With these qualities they will choose to contribute towards creating a positive, peaceful future for themselves and their world.


Why a peace programme?

An understanding and experience of peace, can lead to the recognition of the values that sustain and expand this experience. Trust, honesty, sharing, caring and respect provide an environment for developing inclusiveness, equality and a sustainable feeling of peace.


What is it?

The Peace Prevails Programme is a complete whole school resource for Primary School teachers to deliver as an integral part of their everyday classroom practice. It includes:

  • Two Programmes: 5 – 7yrs and 8 – 11 yrs
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for 8 x 1 ½ hour lessons and a Review Lesson per programme
  • Curriculum matched Aims, Experiences and Learning Outcomes
  • Teacher Training: Blended Learning or Face-to-face
  • School Licence and ongoing support
  • Opportunities to network with schools nationally and internationally who are participating in the Peace Prevails Programme.

Structure & Content

5 – 7 yr programme
Lessons 1 – 4 May Peace be in my Heart
Lesson 5 May Peace be within my Friends
Lesson 6 May Peace be within my Family
Lesson 7 May Peace be in my School
Lesson 8 May Peace be in my Community
8 – 11 yr programme
Lessons 1 – 2 May Peace be in my Heart
Lesson 3 May Peace be within my Friends and Family
Lesson 4 May Peace be in my School
Lesson 5 May Peace be in my Community
Lesson 6 May Peace be in my Country
Lesson 7 May Peace be in All Living Beings
Lesson 8 May Peace Prevail On Earth

What areas of curricula can it link with?

This programme links with Health and Wellbeing, Global Citizenship, Inclusion, Equality, Ecology and the Environment, Geography, Literacy, Expressive Art, and can expand to link in with whole school and class projects.

Download more Programme details including a sample Lesson Plan & Learning Outcomes: PDF



‘The Peace Prevails Programme is a powerful programme which we have embedded into our school curriculum for the past five years. It has linked with the nurturing and restorative approaches which we follow at Lockerbie Primary School’. Head Teacher
‘I was eager for this programme to be in my school because it empowers my own teachers to appreciate the concepts and then teach. I believe that this sense of ultimate empowerment – (peace comes from within) and ultimate responsibility, (my peace resonates from me to others), raises every aspect of school life. It stimulates the natural love for learning, which also comes from within’. Head Teacher
‘I ran the Peace Prevails Programme in my Primary School in Oldham for KS1 and KS2. The Programme had a significant positive effect on our school in general, radiating social and emotional benefit throughout, not only for the children, but for the staff involved too. The ripple effect of the Programme also included a whole school connection with an interest in world-wide issues.’ Teacher
‘The impact on me as a teacher was powerful, I felt enabled to create thoughtful learning opportunities and the sense of community within the classroom increase.’ Teacher
'Many children found they could find peace and relaxation within, improving concentration and patience levels, and decreasing stress and social clashes with others.’ Teacher
'It has changed the way I think about peace, because if I say something nice, it makes people feel happy.’ Young person
'I liked it because I left school feeling calm and relaxed.' Young person
'It has made me understand how people feel, and I discovered that peace can be FUN.' Young person

How can your school become licensed to deliver the programme?

The teachers who will deliver the programme need to undertake teacher training which consists of either one of the following:

  • Blended Learning or Face-to-face learning. Please the ‘Teacher Training’ page for more information on these trainings.
  • Once the teachers from your school have completed the training, your school will receive a School Licence and ongoing support from our team.

For more information, please Contact Us.