Weekly outline

  • Welcome to the Programme

    Welcome to the introduction module for the Peace Prevails Teacher Training Programme.

    This training is called 'Blended learning' as it consists of a mixture of different methods of learning:

    • Discussion Group with a minimum of three people participating, where one of the group feeds back online for the whole group (Most of your time will be spent in     Discussion Groups)

    • Individual work, such as 'Personal Reflective Journal'
    • Online support from your designated facilitator
    • Optional Skype/Zoom calls

    There are six Modules and one optional Module. Please work through these in order, during your agreed timeslot. 

    To help you to find your way around, please read/print the Navigation Guide in Activity 1.


    If you have any difficulties, please leave a message through your Personal Reflective Journal, or email us.

    We look forward to working with you.

     The Peace Prevails Team


    Total module timing: Approximately 1 hour

    • Activity 1: Navigation Guide - 5 mins

      Your first activity is to watch the 'Navigation Guide' narrated slideshow, which explains how to find your way around this training programme. Please press the play button to watch the video:

      It may be helpful for you to print out the 'Navigation Guide' PDF and keep it with you for reference during the training.

      You will see a small tick box at the bottom of each Activity. Please tick the box upon completion.

      If you are familiar with Moodle or digital learning environments, you can probably start at 'Activity 2: Getting to Know You', and refer back to this section if needed.

    • Activity 2: Getting to Know You - 10 mins

      For this activity, you will be sharing some information about yourself. This will allow you to get to know each other and to practice using the discussion forums.

      (Sharing resources with colleagues via a discussion group is an important skill that you will be repeating several times throughout this programme. So it's worth practising!)

      To enter the forum, please click here: 'Getting to Know You'.


    • Activity 3: Setting Objectives - 35 mins

      Setting objective

      This activity involves some individual thinking and then sharing as part of a group. You will then work together in the group to set collaborative objectives.

      These will then be posted onto a forum.

      Enter the forum now by clicking here: Setting Objectives.

    • Activity 4: Personal Reflective Journal - 5 mins

      As you progress through the programme you will see that at the end of each module we ask you to spend a few moments reflecting on your own learning experience and making some notes about:

      • What you have learned
      • What you found easy or difficult
      • How you expect to use your learning from this training programme in your work role

      Practice using the journal by spending a few moments to answer the questions below.

      Please note that no-one else other than your facilitator will be able to access your journal and we believe it will be a useful source of evidence for your Continuing Professional Development once you have completed the programme.


      Document your thoughts about the question you considered at the start of the group assignment, along with your answers to the following:

      • Why are you interested in participating in this course?
      • What do you personally hope to get out of it for yourself?


      Once you enter the journal, type in the Subject line of your first entry as 'Introduction'. You should title subsequent entries so that they relate to 'Module 1, Module 2, etc'.

      Enter here: Personal Reflective Journal

      • Help Forum


        Please post any questions here and answer any that you are able to. This is your community area to help and support each other. To access the forum, click here: Help Forum.